Carberry Tower Wedding Fair

We had a great day at Carberry tower yesterday for their annual wedding fair.  We were asked to decorate the chapel and decided to create wild natural garden style arrangements.  An arch with lots of lovely foliage, ferns, roses, clematis, viburnum and genista was placed at the top of the aisle and we created foliage garlands to decorate the lanterns which were lining the aisle.  A large wild long and low arrangement was created for the register table and we had a bouquet and table arrangement on display. 

Thank you to everyone who popped by to say hello. 

A few pictures of the flowers that we had on display….

Wedding Venue – Carberry Tower
Wedding Florist – Liberty Blooms

Carberry Tower Wedding Florist

Top Table Arrangement Edinburgh

Wedding florist East Lothian

Musselburgh, East Lothian wedding florist

Edinburgh wedding florist

Wedding flowers Carberry Tower

Wedding Florist East Lothian, Edinburgh and Midlothian

Carberry Tower Wedding

Carberry Tower Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist Edinburgh

Paula x